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Alaia’s Organics Brightening Skin Care Kit: Cleanser, Serum, Scrub & Face Cream

Benefits of Kojic acid may lighten skin and improve the appearance of blemish spots, acne, age spots and skin that is sun damaged


Kojic Acid - Naturally Brightens Skin
Licorice Soothes Skin and Brightens Skin
Lemon Essential Oil - Naturally Brightens Skin
Papaya - Moisturizes, Clears Pigmentation, Reduces wrinkles, Treats eczema, Controls breakouts. 4oz. Brightening Facial Cleansers (Turmeric & Kojic Acid). 2oz. Brightening Facial Scrubs (Turmeric & Kojic Acid) 2oz. Brightening Face Creams (Turmeric & Kojic Acid). 1oz. Brightening Serums