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Image of U-Part Wig Service {Hair Sold Separately}

U-Part Wig Service {Hair Sold Separately}

We will make your custom U-Part Wig. It is a great alternative to sew ins. The U-part wig is designed to give you the look of a sew in but with out the fuss and stress to your hair. Its easy to install, natural looking and undetectable. Simply pull some of your own hair through the U-shaped opening at the top then blend and style. It allows you to style it any way you desire. If you are tired of weaving your hair, U-part wig is just the replacement for you because of its convenience and versatility. For less then the cost of a sew in which only last a couple of month's, you can have your bundles made into a beautiful, professionally made u-part wig that will last you for up to 1 year or longer with proper care and maintenance. How it work? Our services includes our experience and expertise in constructing you a beautiful and affordable U-Part Wig made with any hair and texture you desire. Hair is sold separately. We do not cut or style the wigs. We will layer your wig with different hair length's that you provide upon request. You can use as many bundles as you like. You must purchase 3 bundles in order to purchase this service but you can add more if you desire to. Once we received payment and order details, we will begin making your wig. Any hair left over will be returned to you with wig.